My recently purchased 05 Mini Cooper needed serious TLC. Wise have looked at it and done the work that I needed over a period of time to fit in with my finances. They do not just sell you the most expensive brand new BMW parts or use generic rubbish, they source quality used BMW parts where appropriate which I always think is a sign of a garage not only caring but also having enough expertise to be able to make a sensible judgement call. They spotted something serious which could have been dangerous which had been missed by a body shop who had worked on the car after a prang. They advised me, fixed it and got me safe again, all while balancing my finances and my safety. I sometimes find that garages are patronizing to a woman even though I know more about cars than lots of men, not so with Wise, not at all. They are trustworthy, helpful and very professional – and I am a very hard lady to please!

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